Sunday, May 27, 2012

Reasons. Lots of Them.

  •  What do people talk about? There are so many communication interfaces but what is it people are constantly yammering about? Nothing. And everything. Some times you just want to tell somebody – anybody – but nobody listens. And sometimes you simply have nothing to say. 

  • I need an outlet – a place where I can empty whatever I have, and hope somebody enjoys listening.
  • Of course, that’s not my only reason. For school, we have this thing called a writers notebook, and it’s submitted to your English teacher every semester. The point from this journal is to collect ideas, so you have an abundance of ideas for when you decide to write. I’m not sure what they intended to mean by “write”, because I’m not planning on writing the next Harry Potter – or anything, actually – anytime soon. My journal, I’m sorry to say, is considered simply pathetic. By me, at least. Absolutely nothing even resembling a fruitful idea came out of it.  I did fill it out, though, with everyday conversation. Just things, thoughts, even book lists so I wouldn’t forget the multiple series I was into. As a final “goodbye journal” journal entry, we were supposed to list our favorite idea from all semester. And my “great idea” was to start a blog, because I loved to write about random things in general in a very informal way. And I can’t possibly LIE to a teacher, correct? So, I must start a blog. 
  • Do blogs count on college applications or resumes? Because I need something to put on there too.  I must provide them with an interesting application. And, frankly, the most interesting thing I've got on there is "does horseback riding". What's next? I can drive a carriage? I can, actually, but that's besides the point. Okay, no, I don't drive carriages. 
  • A really close friend of mine recently started her own blog, and being her best friend, I must (notice how all my reasons are just MUSTs) provide her with competition. 
  • Plus, I have so many things I want to share with anybody who'd listen, like what books I'm reading and what I think of them, what movies I'm watching...Even Facebook doesn't solve that. 
  • As an afterthought, I need to keep myself busy over the summer. Though, as an after-afterthought, I don't think blogging will solve that.