Sunday, December 30, 2012

New School

How would you introduce yourself at a new school? Am I shy or outgoing? Would I talk or just be quite? I would say I love photography. I would say I love to read. I've never met anybody who reads books and actually wants to DISCUSS them. I'd love to discuss the books I read with somebody...anybody. Yes, I review books on Goodreads, and there's a whole new community of bookworms over there, making it the largest group of people I'd love to meet. There are also these really cools things that are called you know the comic-con and there's also one in Chicago for all the authors and readers to gather every year. I'd love to go to one of those. I am also rapidly discovering that I have an extremely limited vocabulary, and most of my explanations have more hand gestures than words.  A friend of mine copies a word from the dictionary every day and memorizes it - a word a day. I promise, if I had the time, I would do the same thing. I also need to find time to blog about books, because there are some serious arcs I need to get my hands on. My perfect winter vacation would be spent in pajamas drinking hot chocolate, and reading arcs (because arcs make you lucky). Sadly, my winter vacation was spent in pajamas, sleeping and eating and accomplishing absolutely nothing. But I read a few books on my tbr pile, (sadly no arcs, because, of course, I have a blog meant for reviewing books, that has no book reviews. Go figure) I also took a total of three OK photographs, tried to make them a little more OK and made them worse. I really do wonder how pros can take such pretty photographs. I also got an essay graded a few weeks ago, and one of the comments was "poor word choice". I seriously need to improve my vocabulary. I think I used the word nice, good, and bad. Each only once in the whole 3-page single spaced paper. But of course, that sill counts as poor word choice. I found this awesome list of words that are pleasing to hear (basically, pretty words). A few of my favorites (of course, definition included):
Felicity Pleasantness.
Effervescent Bubbly.
Elixir A good potion. (reminds me of the Covenant series *fan girl scream*)
Dulcet Sweet, sugary.
Inure To become jaded.
Wafture Waving.
+ Ripple and Velvet
The average person overuses the word nice. Hi John, how's school? Nice. How's the weather? Nice. How's your family? Nice. Your health? Nice. Your life? Nice. Very nice, actually.
I'm not sure what word I overuse. What do you think of my photograph? Nice.
I recently reread the book 13 to Life by Shannon Delaney, and the girl (I forgot her name. Again) sees the books she read as "not really literature" and something about mass consumerism or something similar. The book itself is about werewolves. The books the protagonist reads are about vampires. I'm not sure what to say about that.
I need topics to write about. I have no idea what to write about. How am I supposed to improve my writing if I don't know what to write about. I have an idea. I brilliant idea. I gotta go brainstorm. Bye guys!