Monday, January 28, 2013

Echantment: Poem

I don't write poems often - I like prose much better - but here's a very very rough rough draft of a poem I was working on


a flutter
a ribbon in the breeze
swaying, lazy swirls
lingering, drifting
pale pastels
not dissolving nor fading
and gone; ceasing
just the imprint
a whisper farther north
just out of reach
it whirls and twirls
around and around
velvety, slipping
as you fail to grasp
the merest of sound
it quivers and shiver
foreboding in a sense
a lithe willow
a crescendo
toward tremulous 
scarlet, burgundy
taut, tight
a tremble
cascading, collapsing
turquoise, aqua
surrounding the sight
effervescent, efflorescent
luxuriant and rich
a flutter yet again
no imprint
just memories
barely believable
hysterical, distraught
and that is enchantment

*Note: I know my vocabulary isn't exactly everyday stuff, but the appeal of the poem is in understanding the words. I'm familiar with these words (to a certain extent) and so I'm trying to achieve a very precise imagery. Looking at a dictionary won't's like the difference between slender and thin, each word calls up a different picture to mind, though both are defined in the same way.