Thursday, February 21, 2013

Momentary Absence

Ok, so, guys, I need to write a post for all the pitchers at the writeoncon pitch fest - do check it out - about what I want in a pitch. So, basically, a pitch is the blurb you find on the back cover of a book, and so all these authors are perfecting their pitch and will be competing. From February 8th to March 10th, the pitches are there for criticizing ("Perfect your Pitch Workshop"). And then, from March 18th to the 22nd, all the readers vote for their favorite pitches. There are some - quite a bit, actually - of agents lurking, and I know that one of the "prizes" for winning is to get an agent or something along those lines. Officially:
Alright, you got my attention; what is this thing?
This, lads and lasses, is a mid-winter "Luck 'O the Irish" pitch-fest, where agents, book bloggers, and authors will team up to read and vote for the best YA and MG pitches of 2013. The pitch-fest runs from March 18-22. Authors, book bloggers, readers, and our fabulous literary agents will be voting on the pitches. The favorites in each category will win prizes, including some great agent feedback or membership in the official WriteOnCon mentorship program! And don’t forget that there are agents here looking to sign clients!
When is this fest happening?
Here are the dates to know:
February 18 - March 10: Forum peer pitch critiques March 11 - 13: Submission of final pitches (this will be done through a Google form, NOT in the forum. LINK TO FOLLOW!) March 14 - 17: We build the boards in the forum (they will be hidden until March 18) March 18 - 22: Voting and commenting by literary agents, mentor authors and book bloggers.
So, for all of my wonderful readers out there, do check it out here. (
So, unlike my regular posts, which I usually write and publish in less than an hour, I need to organize my thoughts and think a little about what I'm going to say, meaning that, with all this schoolwork I have piling up on my back, I might not blog so frequently. Hopefully, I'll get my "what do I want in a pitch" post up around the 25th, but most likely, I'll run a little late, and so from now 'till then, b'bye!
P.S. In case I got you mixed up, this is NOT the official WriteOnCon - that's all the way in November. This is just a competition for not-yet-published authors who hope to make something out of their manuscript.