Friday, March 1, 2013

15 Cups In 1.5 Liters of Milk

          So, the other day, my brother went to buy a bottle of milk. There's a milkman near out house, and so we get raw milk - yet to be pasteurized. Usually, we just boil the milk, to make sure any bacteria in the milk is killed before we drink it. This week, my mother is sick, and doesn't get up from bed. Thus, it is my job to take care of the household - a very heavy load on my shoulders. And though my shoulders may not look it, they are extremely fragile. Basically, our house is decaying. Anyway, the dear older sister advised her siblings to drink the milk raw - it's not like it was the first time, and we never got sick. Boiling the milk is but a precaution. My sister drank a cup, my younger brother a cup and then another half, I put three cups aside for yogurt, and there were a few large spoonfuls of milk left in the bottle. I also made cupcakes that day ('twas a miracle I didn't burn the house - the actually came out really nice), and being the thoughtful, considerate daughter that I am, I took a few cupcakes - on a platter on a tray - to my mother in bed. She asked me if my siblings drank their milk - thank god she didn't ask me to get her some, as there was barely 1/4 a cup left - and I emphatically nodded."But there's no more left," I'd said. "Samantha (not her real name) drank two cups and Ian drank two cups and Zach drank two cups and I'm using four cups for yogurt and I used two cups for the cupcakes". The thing is, a 1.5 L bottle only holds about 5, maximum 6 cups. Not thirteen. Apparently, the milk magically multiplies.
I'm noticing that milk isn't the only thing that's multiplying. 

          A friend of mine was talking about what she does the other day. Now, she's in my class, so we have the same schedule - School starts at 8, stops at 12 for lunch, starts at 2, stops at 5 for the day. Now, I have barely enough time to eat and rest, maybe read a few pages of whatever book I'm reading and write a blog post, and go to sleep. But you know what she does? She goes home, washes the dishes, cleans the kitchen for her mother, does her homework (this is for extra credit - I do my homework, on the days that we're given, too), does extra school exercises (think math equations and physics), cooks diner for the family on some days, helps her sibling with their homework and whatever else they may not have understood, and practices her hobbies (which include painting, drawing, reading, and crocheting/knitting). Her time has baby times and those have baby times. Which gives an awful lot of time. Sadly, my time eats itself. 
But maybe, just like I exaggerated the number of cups of milk with my mother, she exaggerates how much time she has. Which leaves me with no extra milk and her with no extra time. Which stops my mother from asking me for milk and stops me from asking her to do something with me or for me. Does that mean she's a bad friend, or is this just all in my head? She's a dear friend and this is all in my head. It's the math - it's getting to my head. 

          Oh, and guys, I'm not reading just so much as of lately. This week and next, I have Finals, and I really need to study. I just got a ton of new arcs I have to read and hopefully review (how come all the arcs I get are like, either 2 weeks after their publication date or 1 month after? I though arcs weren't supposed to be given out after their publication. Well, anyhow, I'm not complaining) Currently, I'm reading Glass Heart by Amy Garvey (I had that up under Currently Reading for more than a week, and then I took it off - One week on one book is just too long. I'm in the middle of it.), Misguided Angel by Mellisa De La Cruz (I'm also in the middle of that - I got semi-bored with the lack of major action in Glass Heart and started something new, and then I got tired of the lack of interesting action and thus read the next book =>) and Speechless by Hannah Harrington, which I got for free courtesy NetGalley, and I'm super eager to start reading (No, I still didn't start. I'm too busy cramming for tests, sleeping, and eating. There is time for NOTHING else. I feel your sympathy.)