Wednesday, April 3, 2013

C is for Covers. Book Covers.

I judge books by their covers. I just can't help it. And even though some of the best book's I've ever read have not so appealing book covers, I've yet to learn my lesson. And there are some breathtaking covers out there with a not so beautiful story underneath. So today I bring you visual content. Now I haven't read almost any of these, and this is a strictly picture-thing, so I have no clue what the book is about or how good it is. It's a let's-appreciate-the-artwork thing only. As a side note, the minimalist thing is really popular right now, and relaxing to look at - it has that clean modern vibe that I love. Also, I was planning on commenting, but all my comments would look something like "Breathtaking. Alluring. Simply beautiful. Amazing", so I shall refrain from commenting. And now I think I want to be a graphic designer. If I could only find somebody willing to teach - but I guess when you have a talent and make stuff that pretty, you wouldn't want to share and teach others who would probably learn and end up better than you. Not that I'm saying I would be awesome at graphic design. I'm simply insinuating it. 


Also, C is for comments. Which I love. But my blogger account is slightly weird, and I can't reply or comment on my own posts. But to all of you wonderful humans who comment, I enjoy reading your comments. Only if they're nice, though. Ugly comments come from ugly people with ugly thought. Constructive criticism is not ugly. Thank you for commenting!