Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I is for Infographic

I promised myself, before I even started this blog, that if I ever did make  blog, I wouldn't post infographics on it. First off, and I'm speaking from experience, when a blog post has text followed by an infographic, the reader scrolls down, does not read one word of what's written, to bask in the glory of the infographic. And if you don't know what an infographic is? You've been either living under a rock, or practice the religion of self-deprivation*. It is a religion we studied in history about these people who deprive them self of all good things in life. Can't remember the reason, and no offense to self-deprivors, but you people are kind of lame. But you're obviously not a self-deprivor if you're here, because my blog is pleasing. Hopefully. And if you're living under a rock, I'm glad you're finally back in the land of the living. Unless you're looking at this from under a rock, but then I really can't help you. Basically, infographics are pictures that show data in a way that's easy to read. I'm pretty sure there are infographics about anything and everything. And I mean everything. I looked up infograpics about sweat (yeah, that sweat), and I found infographics about sweat. Hairy, stinky armpits and all. But I'll give you a taste of what infogaphics are, by showing you infographics about infographics. But hpefully this will be the first and last time, because I saw an infographic about how bloggers get lazy and start using infographics instead, and it's really bugging me. 

Fun, no?
Disclaimer: I only created the religion self-deprivation right now, and so it probably does not exist, but if it does, and you follow this religion, I'm deeply sorry for offending and using your religion in joking matter. But getting revenge is pleasing to some deep part of the human soul, so I guess you are not allowed to come and get me. But I'm sorry nonetheless. Btw, you should check with Google as well. They don't have you listed as an official religion.