Friday, April 12, 2013

K is for Kindle

There are absolutely no meaningful words I can think of that begin with k. K is for Kangaroos. Kings. Kites. Infamous Kardashains (how is that even spelled?). Ah, and Kindle. I love my kindle. I'll tell you our story, for lack of better things to say. My father bought me my kindle as a present when we went oversees and I could no longer access libraries as often as I wanted to, if at all. I still prefer reading print books to electronic copies - nothing compares to the solid weight of a book in your hands and the smell of ink (come on, everybody secretly enjoys smelling books). Plus, it's the second generation, so no color, no touchscreen for me. What's really different is that I don't realize how thick the book actually is when I read it on my kindle, especially if it's a particularly good book. I'd start reading and just forget about myself, and then I'd see the print version, and...well, wow. Yeah, K is a very boring letter.