Wednesday, April 24, 2013

U is for Urban

You know how everybody loves New York? Like it's this wonderful glorified place, All Hail New York. Every young person's dream is to get a job in New York (not every, every). But if your one of those people who's stumbled upon here and has never been to New York, let me inform you of the gritty truth of the place (and sorry to all you New Yorkers, but it's the truth). So, I've been to New York because I used to live in Boston, an so New York is just a few hour's drive away. And let me tell you, that place is waaay glorified. First of all, the sidewalk is gross. I don't know why that bugs me so much, but there's all kinds of things on the floor, it feels too dirty to even walk on. Lots of old gum and cigarette stubs. (Oh, and downtown Boston is like a more mellow version of New York. I don't like Downtown either) And then there's an overabundance of people on the sidewalk, and half of them look like creeps. The gangsters totally look like they'll shoot you if you look at them. And there are a lot of gangsters in NY. And the food stands? I wouldn't be surprised if they caused food poisoning, because those stands are unsanitary. And then when you finally get to the stores, everything is so expensive. The same things elsewhere would be much cheaper. It's just that NY is so expensive, everything is a few extra bucks. Once you get past that stuff, though, NY is a decent place to be. I still don't like it though.