Sunday, April 28, 2013

X, Y, and Z are for Xylophone

I realize I'm totally cheating by grouping all three letters into one post for this A to Z challenge thing, but the whole purpose behind it is to have fun, and I get a kick out of cheating like this. (Hehe, I feel so bad ;) Actually, I'm too lazy to write another post, so I'm just grouping them together. So, April has come and gone (almost gone), and I am left here reflecting on one month of (almost) consecutive blogging. I guess this reflection is supposed to come after I actually finish blogging for a month, but I don't really reflect that well. Basically, my entire reflection goes along the lines of: I'm glad I participated. YOU'll have to wait until next year to participate. Back to the letters of the day. 

Doesn't anybody out there harbor ugly feelings towards the letter X? No? Must be just me, then. But what's the pronunciation of the letter X?  A melange of three letters: eks. But when it's in the word xylophone, it sounds like a z. My x-letter dictionary has three words: xylophone, x-ray, and Xander. And the third one isn't even a word. As for Y and Z, I'm indifferent.

And I'm going to try to disappear for this next month, for the same reason I went incognito last month. Although the problem didn't disappear for this month - I just ignored it for about four weeks.

And since this is turning out to be a multi-topic post, I might as well go on and tell you what I'm watching. Today, I saw MAMA. Tomorrow, I'm watching Dark Skies. And have you ever seen Case 39? I'm blaming all of this on Tim Burton. If his stuff wasn't so absolutely amazing, I wouldn't have had an unquenchable thirst for creepy horror movies/thrillers. All. His. Fault.