Monday, May 6, 2013

Follow Me!

Embarrassingly enough, I just figured out how to add Google Friends Connect to my blog. Look at it. It's right under my "Currently Reading" book. Anyway, I thought to use GFC you have to update from blogger to google+, so like an idiot, that's exactly what I did. Kind of like updating from the normal Facebook to Timeline, there's no going back, no matter how much I enjoyed the former. And then I upgraded, and geuss what? No magically appearing GFC. Anyway, now that I have GFC, go ahead and follow me, will you? I mean, what's it going to take, two seconds of your life? And, come on, my posts are pretty awesome. So just go ahead and add me. Follow me. Love me. Whatever. Plus, I look kind of pathetic, like, my blog's been up almost a year and look how many followers I have! (yeah) Oh, and you want to know how I added GFC? I had to search it up. I don't know how searching it up wasn't the first option that came to mind, and I had to go upgrade and do all that schmaz. I need a synonym for idiot.