Monday, July 22, 2013

My Excuse: Summer

I am not blogging regularly at all, but with all due respect, nobody really comes to my blog that regularly, so it's a same-same situation. So, we moved, (well not YET; we move to the actual house this weekend), and so there's the matter of sorting through and packing up everything. Also, the registration process for my high-school is long and complicated, and the admission office only opens two weeks before the start of school, which is stressing me out big time. Then, there's the ugly, looming matter of which courses I will be able to take, because I'm enrolling so late, my choice courses may already be full. Which, of course, is adding to my stress, which means I'm tap-tap-tapping my foot or bounce-bounce-bouncing my leg at any time of the day. Also, how can one be so busy during the summer? And, the head of the entire problem: I currently have no computer, which limits what I can do online. I'm writing this from my mom's laptop, but even though, it feels small, weird, and full of alien documents: the stuff that's saved isn't mine, my mom doesn't let me bookmark my pages on her browser (messes her up), and there's a constant battle of who's e-mail is logged in. Also, did you check the MY BOOK tab at the top?!