Friday, July 26, 2013

The Corollaria Tour Stop

The Corollaria
Release date: February 2nd 2013

Synopsis via Goodreads:
Emily has always felt like there was more to her parents' mysterious death, more to her being sent to live with the Lyall’s when she was fifteen. And definitely more to her inexplicable infatuation with Luke, the Lyall’s youngest son.
Luke can’t help but be drawn to Emily. She has these perfect blue eyes, unlike any he’s ever seen. And he feels a fierce need to protect her. Suddenly, one night, changes everything. He feels conflicted about his feelings and his destiny, as he and Emily are suddenly plunged into a strange new world. 
Fast paced and action packed, a romance between Emily and Luke begins to take shape just as they are thrust into an ancient war, caught in the crossfire of bloodlust, revenge and love.
First of all, a little about your book:
What’s it about? It’s about Emily and Luke.  They are thrust into the middle of a war that is all about love and revenge.  They have to grapple with their whole world being flipped upside and the new found feelings between them.
If you could describe it in one word? Gripping
You favorite character? Luke ;)
Where you get/got your inspiration? At the time, my daughter was watching Tangled on repeat.  So a lot of my initial inspiration came from that movie.  I also really love Irish folklore, so after doing some research, I interspersed a lot of that as well.
Why you chose to publish it yourself?  I like the freedom.
Weirdest/silliest thing that happened in the process of writing? There were a few scenes that got totally re-written or added in the middle of the night because I was dreaming about Luke and Emily and woke up and just had to fix it or write it down.

And a bit about yourself:
Where do you write? At home—with a hubby and two kids in the background.
What other hobbies, besides writing, do you like? I love to read.  I also love scrapbooking, cooking, watching movies, painting, and music.
Favorite food? Pizza and Dr. Pepper
The most amazing person you’ve ever met? My husband
Whose feedback do you depend on the most (basically, whose is most important)? Honestly, readers.  My mom reads everything I write and I have several friends that give me good feedback, but the best feedback is always from random readers.
Top three favorite books? Clockwork Princess, Where She Went, Beautiful Disaster (can I add one more? Perfect Chemistry.)
Top three favorite authors? Simone Elkeles, Cassandra Clare, my new one, C.M. Stunich
Top three TBR? Get Bent (CM Stunich) Into the Still Blue (Veronica Rossi) Wild Cards (Simone Elkeles)
Courtney Lyn BattenAbout the Author
Courtney grew up in Texas where she still lives with her husband, their two kids, and two dogs. She was studying to become a teacher and has graduated in May 2013.
Courtney loves to read and write love stories. She has an obsession with books, and owns far far too many.