Monday, August 26, 2013

Bosses of The Writing Style. Also, Two Sentences On Relativity.

Some people are born with the innate capability of storytelling: natural storytellers. They can tell a story about anything from a talking frog to a girl with amnesia, and make the listener like the story. Others, sadly, no matter how hard or how much they practice, they lack that intangible...quality that makes others pause. And no number of college programs can fix that. Which means that, inevitably, there will be good skill-authors, and there will be meh university-course authors. Of course, a million other things factor into writing a book, namely coming up with a good plot, having the best hooks and chapter endings, inserting enough plot twists, and accepting those harsh reviews. 

Now, there's a difference between a good author, and a good book. For an author to be good, all of their work should be excellent. And in the case of a series, then the subsequent books should be as good as the first. Which means that when somebody asks you your favorite books, you would answer: everything, and anything, by so and so. And because I love lists, here's a list.

Amazingsauce Authors:

Lauren Oliver. Man, that lady is just lyrical. Lyrical. She's half a step away from poetry.

Marrissa Meyer. The reason I even though of this post. Never mind that she only has two books out.

Jennifer L. Armentrout. Hmm. It's not so much her writing style - not the sentence structure, or the vocabulary, or the word choice - but her plot and character development.Also, please be wary of her cliffhangers.

Richelle Mead. I love you Richelle. Adore you. Her work is gold. Gold I tell you.

Veronica Roth. What can I say?

Laini Taylor. She follows a very complicated writing style, that it's a hit or miss with her. She jumps between POVs, has killer chapter endings, and is the master of not revealing what the reader's trying to find out. Killing us slowly, I guess.

Tahereh Mafi. Very controversial. I'm eating it up like a starved man.

Kristin Cashore. She's just a very smart author. Very.

Susan Ee. She's co-written two books, but those I haven't read. Her books, though, (Angelfall series) have set the bar for paranormal book. Apparently, we've been reading trash until she came along.

Libba Bray. What's awesome is that she also narrates her books, so if you get the audio version, that just adds a whole other dimension.

Lauren DeStefano. She, as an authors, is superb. You may not have fallen head over heels for her series, but you must admit. She is skilled.

Abbi Glines. Since everybody's heard of her, I'm not even going to bother with a two sentence explanation. The name is self explanatory.

Lots of other authors. I've missed a few big ones, like Susan Collins, Stephanie Meyer, and John Green, but there's a fine line between good and bad, and they blur the lines. Readers are divided. I'm divided. You can decide for yourself where they belong.

As for the lower end authors, I'm not going to mention names. Most of the authors I'd put in this list are a matter of personal preference, and some of the most loved books out there, I personally hate. And the there are those series that start of well enough, but end up like dirty slush. And then there are the middle class books, but you have to hand it to them - if there were no three start books, there would be no five star books either. Everything's relative, I guess.