Monday, August 5, 2013

What To Do With Your SAT Practice/Prep Books

So, I've yet to take the SAT test, but since I'm not all that busy this summer, and since I'll most likely be taking the SAT next year, I figured it would be prime time to study (ha. ha. HAHAHAHAHA.). I went to Barnes and Nobles, and ended up taking the most popular prep book (yes, I secretly spied and noticed the most-bought book). But more than half of the people went out with two or more study guides. Now, each of those study guides is around 1,000 pages, and quite heavy. So, yeah, I guess they're filled with really informative and helpful information, and when it comes to these kinds of things more is usually better, but what does everybody do with them once they're through using them? Personally, I doodle and make marks and circles and illegible signs because it makes me feel cool, and since I never have an erasure on hand - no matter how many I buy - after I'm through using the book, it will not be in a condition to be re-used - by anybody. Myself included. I scoured the internet on what people did with their old SAT prep books, but everything is about which books are the best and which to buy and how to get the most out of every one of them. But it's not everyday you buy a 1,000 page book, or even multiple 1,000 page books, that once used, are non reusable, so it's one of those things nobody likes to dwell on, fearing the unknown, and ends up leaving them in the corner of the attic to collect dust, because you can't throw them out - they're books, really, and nobody throws out books. So I've compiled a number of things you can do with your SAT prep books.

  • Store them in the attic. Just in case you didn't figure that one out already.
  • Throw them in the trash. You'll probably need an extra-large trash bag, but don't worry, they're not books, they're workbooks.
  • Cut out each page and make thousands of origami swans and hang them up on your ceiling, so they look like they're flying.
  • Turn each page into a paper airplane and compete with friends to see who's airplane is the best.
  • Rip the pages into shreds and use them to make a cool design that looks like newspaper print - rip them up, for example, and clue them on the edge of a picture frame - the same frame that would hold that exceptional award you got at school (It could be the perfect attendance award, or if you're normal and got sick enough to not be able to go to school one time in 9 months of school, than simply your "Completed grade of..." certificate would do.)
  • Rip them up and make confetti
  • Rip them up and use paper mache to make a pinata out of a balloon. Finish off by painting it. (Yeah, this is one of those arts and crafts things everybody seems to have done but nobody's really done).
  • Burn it and watch it turn into white ash. Especially if you got a low SAT score.
  • Burn it and make s'mores over the resulting fire. Especially if you got a high SAT score.
  • Oh, I almost forgot. You could recycle them. Those books are, like, a year's worth of recycled newspapers.
  •  Hollow it out. If the cover of the practice guide was a little prettier, or looked kind of historic or in any way resembled or could be mistaken for a book, and not a study guide, this would be the perfect art project. But you can decorate the cover or cover it up or spaz it up a bit. or you can leave it looking ugly and inconspicuous, and use it a secret hiding place nobody would think of looking in. Basically, rubber band a few pages on the back and front of the book to the book cover - these will be the papers that are loose in the end. Then, using glue (mixed with a little water), brush the edges of the book, and apply pressure until it hardens. What you'll end up with is all of pages stuck together. Then get one of those knife-cutters they use for cutting paper, and cut into the block of stuck together papers, so that you have a rectangular hidey-hole in the book. Finally, brush the inside walls of the hidey-hole with the glue mixture. Apply pressure and wait for it to dry. Of course, you can just google the entire process and disregard the above paragraph.
  • Team up with your friends and their used study guides to make the tallest tower of study guides. Enter for the Guinness World Records of Tallest Tower Made Of SAT Study Guides.
  •  Use it as a small footstool
  • Have a teeny weeny sibling? Use it as a chair booster.
  • Shred it in a shredding machine. It's fun.
  • Toss the shred up shreds, to make them light and semi-fluffy (how fluffy do you think you can get with paper shreds?!), and use it as pillow stuffing.
  • Donate it. Even if it's all doodled, somebody less fortunate will be thankful. Hopefully.
  • Show it to people. Instead of bragging about your grade, brag about how you managed to read through a workbook that enormous. 
(Oh, and summer is over. I still didn't use that SAT book. Too busy reading normal books, I guess)