Thursday, September 5, 2013

What I Will Not Have A Job In

It's been some time since I last blogged, or for that matter, updated my "currently reading" book on the right. In fact, it's been quite a bit since i even checked my blogger account. And if you pay any attention to what time this was posted on, you'll realize why (yes, that's 2 o'clock AM my time. On a school night). My first week of high-school has taken away my life. And the funniest thing is that I'm not even a freshman. Or a sophomore, for that matter. 
But I've come here to talk about books, and hope that the receiving end actually appreciates it. I currently have the awesome-est book haul ever. On my kindle, I have the entire Breathing series by Rebecca Donovan (already read the first two, but the satisfaction of an entire series all at once!), Jennifer Armentrout's latest book (is it Obsidian? I get the names all mixed up because, boy can she write fast. Which, in fact, she says she will stop doing here). I also have at least 7 (seven!) other books on my kindle, plus a hundred or so from netgalley that I really need to read and review, plus the print book of Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy (nope, still didn't read it), Article 5, Glitch (which is, literally, the first book on my GR TBR list), Starters, The Eternity Cure, and a few others. Which I have not read, obviously, because I am too busy reading for school. As in, my APUSH book.

In fact, I fear it's heavy enough that I'm going to develop chronic shoulder pain and permanent spine curvature - both lower back and upper back curvature - which means I'll end up looking like a half-way unfolded dung beetle. But enough of complaining.

Please wait a moment and let me get serious.

How come the world is so clueless to what's happening in Syria. And Egypt. And I forgot Burma. (Two of those can be considered genocide. All three deal with warfare, death, and oppression.) And then I read about how slaves were treated (yes, in APUSH. Everything from APUSH), and I decide I've had enough of this horrible human cruelty. Are people's lives so worthless that nobody cares to even know what's happening? Where is the rest of the world? And what is it these people say about equality when they think themselves better than the world and don't care to know what's happening? Or is the West public really stuck in it's own bubble? I have to pause and mention I'm really sleepy, so I'll continue on some other post. I'm not going to include any outside information here, from news websites or the such, simply because the news puts it in the way the people want to see it (google it yourself, thou lazy reader). Taking the news's word, sometimes, is just as good as taking the conqueror's words on what happened to the conquered (see the APUSH peeking through there?). Which means I'll need to look into any sources if I were to quote them here, which takes time. Which I clearly don't have. But my main point: stop being clueless, and know that there is news beyond what's happening in our country (which, if you don't know (I mean US news, in case you're reading from someplace else), I'm not even going to bother with you :) And never take the word of the media as the word of complete truth. Get your sources straight.

*Oh, and by the subject, I mean I will not have a job in Law, Politics, Media, or History. Too stressing, plus, a bunch of people end up hating you.