Thursday, October 3, 2013

Twitter Update (4rth? Or 5th?)

Obviously, being who I am, I forgot my Twitter password a long time ago, and, of course, I still haven't reset it. Also, blogging sounds so much nerdier that tweeting (because, seriously, tweeting?), and so here a few things I would have posted on my Twitter had I been able to log in. 
  • I'm not much of an extreme movie-lover, except when it gets to animated movies. If there wasn't just so darn much competition in that field, I might have considered become a 3D animator. For Pixar. This blog post talks about the Pixar Theory (as in scientific theory, not theory, as in guess.)
  • I'm getting glasses. This tweet would have ventured towards the "what'd you have for breakfast" tweets, but you only get glasses for the first time once, where as breakfast happens every single day (for most. not for me.) So excuse me, but there's nothing wrong with tweeting that I'm getting glasses. Except I'm blogging about it.
  • I haven't been doing much for the past several weeks except homework, and so I've read a total of only about 5 books from the last time I blogged, which was about three weeks ago. One of those was The Fault In Our Stars. The other was Girl of Fire and Thorns. Both are perfect book-reviewing material (i.e. majorly awesome with that fatal flaw like in those Roman plays, and everything is just so tragic. Tragic. But oh, almost, almost perfect.)
  • That moment when you get a math problem wrong because you mistook your z (unknown) for a 2. And that math problem just so happens to be on a test. (If this were twitter, I would now include hashtag #storyofmylife.)
  • I have an awesome pen pal/best friend way over in Egypt. Just saying. Also, I never met her. Also, I try to keep this blog away from any political/other controversial views I may have (and, truthfully, I don't have that much), but power to the people over there in Egypt. Power to the people.
  • Volunteering at the library will only make you realize how dirty books can be. EVERYBODY's hands touch them. Eww.
  • I have just discovered Buzzfeed. I am now too lazy to read. Besides, pictures are worth a thousand words. Gifs are worth about ten thousand words, on account of how they're about ten frames long.