Thursday, March 27, 2014

Race To Nowhere

Summer's so close I can smell it, and yet school is more stressful than ever. There's the general flurry of tests and pop quizzes, AP testing coming up soon, finals sneaking up, second semester material just in general being more difficult that first semester's, and with only 2 more Sat I/II opportunities for taking the tests this year, overwhelmed doesn't even begin to cover it. And at this point, I really do not see how our educational system is teaching us or preparing us for anything except a higher mortality rate.

Race to Nowhere is a film about the school system, and how it's creating test-takers instead of life-long learners, and about how all this competition might all be for...nothing. I would have gone off on a rant about what exactly I think of our system, but Race To Nowhere does it in a much more professional manner. 

Here's the trailer

(And I promise, the film is really good. Look into it.)