Tuesday, August 26, 2014

General catching up

I feel like it's been quite some time since I've posted a book review, or anything for that matter, on here. I am working on a book review at the moment, but it's just that I've been so unbelievably busy, summer has gone by in a flash, it's almost time to start applying to colleges, school's starting and my schedule is somewhat intense, and I've hit a record low for number of books read this summer. Three months and I've only read about ten in total. 

I'm currently reading Lonesome Dove - definitely not the typical kind of book I'd pick up, but it was recommended to me, and it's absolutely sublime. Also, because it's a western, the weather/setting is  really dry and hot (it's described in frightening detail), and reading it during the summer made me feel thankful of the heat I'm in. Also, I'm kind of worried about ever having to move to Texas. I think I'll write a post on that soon.

In other news, The Giver movie came out, which I've heard is really inaccurate to the book, and honestly, to me The Giver is timeless in the way it's written and not something that can be just up and converted into a movie. I might watch the movie and reread the book and compare the two. 

The VMA's were just a few days ago, which got me thinking of Goodreads Choice Awards, and I've read so little books this year that I can't think of more than 5 books published this year good enough I would nominate. I'm thinking to make a back to school resolution to read 100 books before teh school year is over, and maybe review all of them. I'd have to make a list of all the books I want to read first. In fact, that sounds like a brilliant idea. I'll work on compiling a list of books I plan to read during this school year and post it as soon as I'm done. After that, I'll review the books as I finish them. 

This is actually the best idea I've had in months!!!! Goodness gracious, I'm so excited.