Sunday, September 28, 2014

Book Idea

My history teacher used to say he had too many ideas but too little time, so his ideas were ours to use, if we promised to buy him a yacht when we got rich off of his idea. This is something similar, except you cannot use my idea until after you get me the yacht.

What if there was a book called 'Behind the Yard-Sale'. It would be satirical, humorous fiction. You know all those stories in the news where people get rich off of stuff they find at a yard sale? Exaggerating a little, the book would be a collection of how those moments effect both sides. A collection of short stories, or maybe various stories that all tie back in together. For example, one of the stories could be about the guy who bought a baseball card from a yard sale for $5, and then found out it was the first ever printed baseball card and sold it for $5 million. What about the people who sold him the card? Maybe that yard sale was their last ditch effort to scrape together enough money to avoid the foreclosure of their house. Maybe the parents didn't know that the card made it's way to the yard sale, and it in fact belonged to their son you prized that card the most (in a typical Toy-Story-esque fashion), and they had a huge argument at the dinner table that evening after the son found out that his parents had sold his favorite card, so the parents were already feeling guilty, and then one week later they hear that that same card was actually worth 1 million. Then what? You never hear anything about the people behind the yard sale in the news.

And editors/agents/publishers/whoever-makes-stuff-happen-besides-the-author, if you're interested, contact me.