Saturday, October 18, 2014

Thoughts on Normality. And sprinkles of inspiration.

As a highschooler, it's very much about finding that balance between being perfectly normal, yet not really normal. 'Unique'. Lots of kids say stuff like 'I'm weird', 'I'm crazy', 'My friends and I are totally crazy' which I personally find annoying, because they're reveling in their totally normal craziness. Honestly, most people at my highschool are very much exactly the same. Most want good grades. Want to get into a good college. Want to have who to sit with during lunch and friends that can drive them places. Want to be semi popular, have good connections for when they don't do their homework, want to feel cool and smart and wanted and important. Want to occasionally break the rules, although from what I've seen, that usually consists of jay walking and breaking dress code. Commit petty crimes and feel like rebels.

Most are in a sport, or a club, participate extracurriculars like music or a part time job. 

The works.

And I'm exactly the same.

Everybody wants to feel unique. 'You are unique'. It's been stuffed down our throats - teachers, parents, mentors. Most adults want to convince us that we are totally, utterly unique. Each a special snowflake. But, c'mon, have you seen snowflakes? They all look the same, unless it's under a microscope. And it's working. Everybody believes they're weird, not quite normal, and now as we apply to college, we're all trying to convince the other side that we are all different.


I mean, I get it. I certainly don't dance or play an instrument. I'm not a varsity sports captain, and I'm not an avid gardener. And I know that a lot of people don't do the things I spend my time doing. When you think about it, there's a fine interplay between where the divide between individuals starts. I think of it somewhat like the tree of life. Humans and fungi are both Eukarya, but move down to kingdoms, and now humans and fungi are not the same.

Not very inspiring, is it? But that's my point! (Warning: here comes the inspirational part) If you're doing stuff to beat the competition, to look like a good candidate for colleges or jobs or whatever. If you're doing it to make money. If whatever you're doing is stressing you out so much you can't fall asleep or you're physically ill, then stop. Take a step back. Hop on a plane and look at how insignificant everything is. So utterly insignificant. Short tangent: I wanted to buy the pale blue dot photograph as a large poster to frame and hang in my room, but the cost plus shipping and handling came out to around $45. Reluctant to spend my own money, I asked my father if he would buy it instead (I know, I know). He looks at the poster (on my computer screen), looks at me, looks at my computer screen again, then looks at me. 'Is this a joke?' he asks. It might be worth mentioning that my father's eyesight has been getting worse, although he refuses to admit it. I explain to him that he's looking at a photograph of earth for hundreds of thousands of km away. He refuses to but the poster, saying he'll making it himself, by buying a black piece of poster paper and putting a speck of dust on it.
Anyhow, my point is just to calm down. Google 'jokes' and laugh a little. 
You're welcome.