My Profile

Hi cool people


Let's see...

So, my name's Imane Ridouh

I'm a digestor

I eat up all this information from the internet and books and people

Then I digest it and give it to more people, through my blog

And let me tell you, information is one of the most delicious things to digest

No stomach pain, no indigestion or heartburn, just a load of interesting infopoop

I'm a teenager

I'm Muslim

I love Oreos and mint ice cream - actually, I love ice cream, period

I also love to read books

Sometimes, I talk about them on this blog

I'm anti-social, I think

Only on the internet, though

I'm bubbly in real life

But, for the life of me, I have no clue how to write an e-mail

Unless it's along the lines of "Skype me"

I told you, I can only communicate through face to face interactions

But when I start communicating, I don't stop

What do people even write in e-mails

My e-mails are usually blank

Sadly, my contacts are stupid

They need me to write "the attachment is attached. Please open the attachment. The attachment is the sole reason of this email."

In uppercase



Underlined, maybe

If you are one of my contacts, please take no offense

I'm talking about my other contacts

Not you 

Thank you for visiting my blog. I hope you enjoyed it.

Please do not criticize my writing mistakes. Everybody makes mistakes. Can't help it if I lean towards a tendency of mistake-making.

I am very random

It's a side effect of being anti-social technologically

This whole "about me" thing..

Looks like a poem

I do not write poems

Poems are like trying to cram a book of philisophy into a sentence. 

I explain a sentence in a book. 

I explain a book in an encyclopedia. 

There is no way I can write poetry

I am not a pessimist

In fact, I am very much optimistic

Every time I enter a book giveaway, I keep on waiting for the book to arrive

It doesn't

I like sarcasm

A long time ago, I used to have a friend

I promise this is a true story

This friend was cool

Like you

She used to love to use sarcasm

She was witty and funny and everything

She used to explain sarcasm to me

Because humans have a very messed up sense of humor 

She also used to open water bottles for me

I can't unscrew the cap off water bottles

I am not talking about this friend in the past tense because she is dead

Apparently, you only talk about people in the past tense if they are dead

I tell you

Humans are messed up

I am simply talking about what she did because she no longer does those things

No! Not because she is dead

She no longer does those things because we are no longer together

She went to one school and I went to another school in a different state

You can contact me at 

Again, my e-mail is

I love it when people send me e-mails

Please send me an e-mail

Even if I'm horrible at writing e-mails

I never beg

And now I'm saying please send me an e-mail 

I'll even send you warm cookies

To your doorstep

Because I'm a stalker and know exactly where you live, silly  

I'm starting to sound creepy

I'm creeping myself out  

Once, I watched the film Case 39

I peed in my pants, maybe

And I threw up

I also cried

Yet I loved the movie

Why do humans like scaring themselves

There are enough scary things in real life

You don't have to resort to making fake scary things

Humans are really messed up

I'm not an alien

Actually, I'm also a human

I just find it hard to associate with many of them

Actually, I don't
I super socialize in real life

But when I stare at a blinking, lifeless cursor that looks like the first letter of my name

I get an epiphany

Is that even the correct way to use that word


I hate grammar

I also love grammar

It's a love-hate relationship, I guess

I have no punctuation at the and of any of these sentences

It makes my message feel lifeless

It's weird

What if I took away all the punctuation inside the sentence

The commas and apostrophes and semicolons

I hope you enjoyed reading this

If you didn't, I won't send you cookies         


Guess what my name is